Tuesday, December 6, 2011

day 50

Well I'm now officially half way done with my hundred days of dinosaurs!
I'm finding I'm now back into a more stream of conscious mindset than a while back. Before I took a few weeks off I was thinking of the whole of the project with an overall arc, but those thoughts have faded a bit as I was away form the project. It's probably something I should put a little attention on, but it's actually kind of satisfying letting the story inform me as to the next events as I get to them. I'll try to figure something out as I go!


  1. I'm so impressed. I thought no way you'd ever get this far!

  2. halfway there, baby!
    ...you'll be eating your words!

  3. Half way there! I have been following the story from the start, I love the ride and am curious where you will take this!