Wednesday, December 7, 2011

day 51

  I've ran out of room on the main page! I'm hoping there's a way to extend the amount of posts beyond 50, otherwise you'll have to go to older posts to view. If anyone out there knows how to extend the amount, let me know!


  1. These are so awesome Jeff, I love them.

    You can change the amount of posts that show up on your blog by going to; Dashboard--> Settings --> Formatting and I think the top option is where you can set how many show up, I think the max is 500... so you can keep going for 450 more days.

  2. Awesome drawings, jeff! and great idea!!

  3. What the heck? You told me you were definitely going to keep updating, but I don't see any updates.

    I guess it says a lot about your character that you would just lie like that.

  4. Jeff, I found you dino story today.
    Love it. I don't know nothing about bloging but check out
    Look at the wormworld saga.

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